Solving terrible performance in application using folders with high filecount

Recently I was troubleshooting terrible application Performance for a windows application.
This application is using files and directories located on a file server.
The file server OS was Windows server 2016 and the clients are Windows Server 2019 Citrix terminal servers.

The application uses seperate client folders containing files pr client, with alot of files inside the various folders – some more than others.
In this specific there were tens of thousands of files in some client folders.
Performance on the application was intermittently slow, and it could take upto 15 minutes to switch between one client and another inside the application Read on to get the solution


Solved: Logitech Webcam + Citrix CVAD seamless apps = reconnection problem

Sometimes its the small things causing problems in IT. Alot of hardware, drivers, software etc, can make a mess of each other. Recently I experienced this with the combination of Citrix Published Applications and a device from Logitech. Read on for details.


Manageability – Part 1: Naming Conventions

When it comes to managing anything within IT, it will always be a good thing to keep things organized, in one way or another. You should also make sure that the way you organize things, is made understandable for others as well (maybe you share the responsibility of management with a group, or may do so in the future).
Make it a habit to creating an organizational model that others can jump in or out of over time, that is logical and understandable by others than yourself. Document the logic/model that is defined, and make sure not to deviate from the actual definition as time goes by.

Microsoft Server 2019: No window border/allwhite issue

In windows server 2019 and windows 10. There is an issue in the RDS world where the windows overlapping each other appears to have no border (its all white) Making it hard to distinguish the various windows from each other. This can be fixed with the steps in this post.

Citrix: Google Chrome – No audio in ICA session after version 77

Update 10.04.2020 This also goes for the Chromium based Microsoft Edge. Registry path for edge is:“Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge”HKLM or HKCU depending on your needThe value is the same as for Chrome below. If you are experiencing missing audio playback in Google Chrome inside an ICA session. Check if your version is above v77 of Chrome.If you are, Read more about Citrix: Google Chrome – No audio in ICA session after version 77[…]

Citrix FAS: Sample setup leveraging FAS/ Azure iDP/ ShadowAccounts and Hybrid domain join.

Here’s an example of a usecase where Citrix FAS comes into play.
If you are not familiar with Citrix FAS and the use of it you may find this useful to get some insight to the usecases.

Citrix WEM 4.7 – SID and memory issue

Recently I upgraded Citrix Workspace Environment Management from v4.2 > 4.7. The environment for this WEM installation is on-prem and is used across multiple forests (trusts in place), to apply the same settings to multiple different XenApp hosts. At the beginning everything seemed to work as normal, brokering etc, agent comm etc, but the following Read more about Citrix WEM 4.7 – SID and memory issue[…]

Changing Citrix Receiver Beacon(s) on Clients via GPO

As we know Citrix Receiver is using beacons (configured on storefront) to detect whether the client is on local or external network. Receiver uses this to decide how to connect, via NetScaler or via Storefront directly. Today I got the need to change the internal storefront beacon for a deployment with lots of various users. Read more about Changing Citrix Receiver Beacon(s) on Clients via GPO[…]

Citrix: Trouble small mouse pointer after Windows 10 Creators Update

UPDATE: this issue is resolved as of Citrix Receiver 4.10   After Microsoft released Creators Update, several people are reporting some issues with the mouse pointer inside Citrix (Desktop/seamless apps) appears small. This especially goes for users sitting on endpoints with high resolution monitors. (4K displays, MS Surface etc). It appears to be connected to Read more about Citrix: Trouble small mouse pointer after Windows 10 Creators Update[…]

Citrix Receiver – AuthManSvr.exe using high CPU on client workstation

So, last year I was informed by a co-worker that he was having some issues with Citrix Receiver on his computer. He was using a Microsoft Surface, and was experiencing that the Surface, was getting noisy, and battery drained in no time. Now, obviously, this was due to something using alot of resources on his Read more about Citrix Receiver – AuthManSvr.exe using high CPU on client workstation[…]

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