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Microsoft Sysinternals

The sysinternals collection is a must have that makes your life just that much more easy when it comes to troubleshooting and other engagements.

Process Hacker

The task manager that shows you all the extra stuff, and all the stuff you did not know about


For those times when you just need to find the answer to something related to network flow. And for other areas where you need to check out what is going on in the network

For those times where you need to map out the network, or other funny stuff.


Everyones favorite SSH and Telnet client

Total Commander

The file browser that shows you the filesystem as it actually is. No funny aliases and shortnames.


The better lightweight text editor with advanced editing options aswell as support for showing the text in code context.

Angry IP Scanner

Simple and lightweight IP scanner to check for live hosts on the network

Citrix Supportability Pack

The Supportability Pack is a collection of popular tools (41 in total as of v1.7.1) that helps diagnose and troubleshoot Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

(Require login)


If you want an app for quick notetaking, and don’t want to use notepad. It also supports importing your existing txt files into the app from a known folder, so its easy for you to migrate to.

Kali linux

Interested in exploring penetration testing? just for fun or to make it a job? Kali is our best bet and includes the mostly used pen-testing tools

KeePass Password manager

Tired of keeping all your passwords somewhere? Or maybe you are living with post it’s a red book, or are using the same password everywhere?
KeePass can help you out to organize your passwords – with the added benefit of not beeing an online service.


Want to start protecting your web privacy on your mobile device? Download Cloudflare’s app for android or iOS, and turn it on. This is also useful when traveling or you are using “public” wifi.

NOTE: it’s free.


Want a free app to make taking alot of screenshots for blogging/documentation more easy, get greenshot


Greenshot os not enough for you, and you want more options etc. Take a look at Snagit. It’s my favorite.

NOTE: its not free.

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