E-mail flow.

Using Valimail to help with SPF,DKIM,DMARC monitoring with Microsoft 365

This post revolves around the e-mail concepts for SPF/DKIM and DMARC to increase your e-mail reputation as well as protecting your domain from being misused by others i.e impersonation. We will also go through the tool provided by Valimail to have this monitored, all integrated with your Azure AD for SSO.

Trouble sending large attachements from Outlook on MAC

This is an old one I found in some stored personal information, so putting it up here in case someone find the need for this. Issue is regarding sending attachements from an Outlook client on Mac. This specific one was on Outlook 2011 for Mac. Exchange server via Small Business Server 2008. When sending email Read more about Trouble sending large attachements from Outlook on MAC[…]

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