December 22, 2019


Here you will find various powershell scripts/commands that can be useful in various circumstances.
The content list below show the current available scripts for you to find.
All scripts are located on GitHub.

I will add more as I make them, and if they are suited to be generalized and made available to others.
If I find some useful scripts elsewhere, I will add thos aswell – with notes on who is the creator.

I will try to keep this updated regularly, and post updates in the Changelog below.

Hope you find the content useful.

PS: The links in the content list below are there for you to jump to the wanted subject in the GitHub repository.
To go directly to the GitHub root folder – click here
All links opens in a new tab.

Content available

  • Office 365
    |—-Script to download and install latest version via the Office Deployment tool (Click to run)
  • FSLogix
    |—-Script to download and install latest version+removes the memberships for the default everyone group after install
  • Microsoft Active Directory
    |—-Creating a default OU structure via Powershell
    |—-Bulk creating security groups
  • Microsoft Group Policy
    |—-Create, link, and import a settings to the policy from a backup
  • Microsoft DNS
    |—- Creating DNS records with powershell
  • Citrix
    |—-Script to download and install latest version of Citrix Workspace/Receiver.
    |—-Script to set Citrix Files desktop app config defaults
  • Windows 10
    |—-Script to set wallpaper and lockscreen on Windows 10 clients
    |—-Script to uninstall preinstalled APPX packages on Windows 10


  • 24.12.2019 – Fieldnotes – Initial release
  • 15.01.2019 – Caveats // Quicfix – Added: “Google Chrome – No audio in ICA session after version 77”
  • 07.02.2020 – Moved Powershell scripts to GitHub
  • 08.02.2020 – Caveats // Quicfix – Added: “Server 2019/Windows 10: No borders around windows/AllWhite issue”
  • 26.02.2020 – Registry hacks – Added: Microsoft Edge Chromium
  • 27.03.2020 – Registry hacks – Added: Windows – Privacy

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