About this website

This website is something I created to help share information I come across while working, and from experience as a whole.  This may involve troubleshooting, guides and general information. The site may also contain guides given from my perspective around various topics and solutions.

This is something that is done in my spare time. This means that from time to time I may not get around to writing as much as I want to, or as I have planned to.
(I normally have alot of post planned or in progress, but, surprise, getting the time to make it all finished somethimes crashes with other things that needs to be done.)

It is however important for me to state, that whatever gets posted here comes from my own personal opinions, reflections and experience – and  therefore may not necesseraly reflect those of my employer or other companies.


Geir Dybbugt
Senior System Consultant ICT
+47 48285099
Kristiansund N, Norway

I'm an experienced consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and IT services industry.
Especially skilled in Citrix solutions/RDS/Mobility and end user experience. I have a strong focus on simplifying the workspace for users while maintaining security and ease of administration from an IT perspective. Love to check out new technologies and have a strong passion and interest in technology in
general. Believe in the fact that you always have more to learn. I enjoy gaining new experience myself and sharing this with others.
I’m currently working at 
SERIT IT Partner Møre AS, with consulting, virtualization, Microsoft/Office 365,  infrastructure, cloud and all that comes with.

You can view my detailed info and CV here

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