About this website

This website is something I created to help share information I come across while working, and from experience as a whole.
This may involve troubleshooting, guides and general information. The site may also contain guides given from my perspective around various topics and solutions.

This is something that is done in my spare time. This means that from time to time I may not get around to writing as much as I want to, or as I have planned to.

It is however important for me to state, that whatever gets posted here comes from my own personal opinions, reflections and experience – and  therefore may not necesseraly reflect those of my employer or other companies.

Geir Dybbugt
Consultant manager & SME
+47 48285099
Kristiansund N, Norway

About me

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Personal qualities

  • Sociable
  • Cooperative
  • Teamworker
  • Service minded
  • Customer oriented
  • Eager to learn an quick study
  • Always wanting more knowledge
  • Structured, organized and prinicpled
  • Technology optimist
  • Comfortable with challenging myself

Hobbies & interests

  • Photography
  • Psychology and human behaviour
  • Nature, outdoors and wildlife
  • Technology
  • Music and movies
  • Dog owner

You can view my detailed info and CV here