Solved: Logitech Webcam + Citrix CVAD seamless apps = reconnection problem

Update 28/03-22:
The issue can be resolved by disabling the  “generic video camera handler” on the VDA side.
This is done with the following registry key:

Key Path: HKLM\Software\Citrix\SvcHost\IcaCtlsSvcs
Name: GvchEnable
Value: 0
Deploy the key to your VDA machines, and reboot for effect.

As “Bjoern” pointed out in the comments, the issue start after VDA version 2012 and onwards.


Recently I had the pleasure of troubleshooting some issues experienced by some specific users.

The issue was related to starting published/seemless applications delivered via CVAD.
When starting the first application for the day, the Citrix Workspace agent started the connection, ran the logon, and displayed the app – all as it should be.

The issue shows itself, when the next application gets started, and the next after that. Basically, every app, except the first launch, gets the issue.

The issue looks kinda like this.

-User has the first app running fine – meaning the next app should use session sharing, and just open rather quick, no new logon etc.
-User clicks the next app, expecting it to pop up.
-The “stating/Connecting” dialog box from Citrix Workspace app show up, stays a few seconds, then disappears, just nothingness.
-After about 30 to 60 seconds, the box pops back up, with the “starting” box, with the progress bar in it.
Looking at the bar and details, it appears to do a full logon to an extra session for this second app.
-Right before the progress bar is finished, the already running app (app nr 1), gets disconnected (entire session), then reconnected in a second. But also, app nr 2 shows up.
-The same thing happens for every new app the user starts during the day, resulting in frustration, lost time, and annoyance.
-Event Logs showed that the sessions indeed got disconnected then reconnected when launching the apps.

If the user started a published desktop, it all was fine, since the apps then started in the desktop directly.

When troubleshooting this, several things was checked.

  • ApplicationLaunchWaitTimeoutMS config registry fix was applied – for those unfamiliar, this makes it, so the session doesn’t disconnect if the app is a bit to slow to start in the session. CTX138404
  • Session Sharing was verified – all apps do share the same sessions – the reconnect just happen, for some weird reason.
  • Workspace client was uninstalled and reinstalled (cleanup utility)
  • Config was reapplied for the user
  • Various settings verified on Storefront, Citrix ADC, WEM, DDC etc – everything ok.
  • Verifying drivers for network etc on workstation – all ok, no missing drivers etc .
  • Tested from inside network, and outside, same result.
  • Full wipe and reinstall of workstation – problem persist.
  • Found an article on Citrix forums from a time back with similar issue – but no luck

Then, it was time to start checking if it was any hardware bugging stuff up.

The workstation was a HP laptop, rather up to date model.
A HP Usb-c dock was used, external monitors, keyboard mouse, webcam etc.
Plugging out everything, then starting a fresh Citrix session – Session launched normal. Starting next app etc – everything work as it should.
So, problem related to something on the docking.

Plugging back in one device at a time, starting a session and extra apps between each new device – everything ok.
Until the webcam got plugged in, the issue returned in all its glory.
Connected and disconnected the device and verified a few more times, and the behavior was consistent.
The camera was indeed the actual cause for this “session launch/reconnect/launch” behavior.

Did some checking on the client and session side – cameras should normally not be a big issue for Citrix connections, the get redirected if enabled.

On the session side, we could se that the camera got redirected, it was available in the session for Teams etc – device was functioning.
Changing the redirect settings for the camera in the workspace app preferences changed nothing.
If the camera was connected to the computer, the problem showed itself every time.

The other user on the same site having the same issue – did also have the same camera, go figure.

The camera in question here was a Logitech Brio 4k streaming camera.
Based on reports from others, the issue does not limit itself to specific cameras, but is a generic problem with various Logitech WebCams.

So, be aware of this device should you find yourself, or your users facing something similar.

4 thoughts on “Solved: Logitech Webcam + Citrix CVAD seamless apps = reconnection problem

  1. Thank you, I’ve had a ticket open with Citrix for months for this issue. This really helped me out a lot!

  2. to correct my post before. Issue starts with VDA 2103 and Logitech webcams. Until 2012 these cam types are working

  3. Hi,
    glad I’ve found this post. I’ve the same issue with some of our users in different sites. All affected users are using a Logitech webcam (c505 and others). Seems to be related to Logitech webcams.
    Virtual Apps 2103
    Tested vda versions 2012, 2103, 2106, 2109, 2112. Disabled Virtual Channel Security feature and also browser content redirection.

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