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Solved: Error opening files from SharePoint / OneDrive

Another quick post.

Have been seeing some users getting the following errors when trying to open files from OneDrive for Business.

It doesn’t happen on all files, but for some, no specific event causing the behavior. .
If the user takes a copy of the file giving the error, then opening the copy, works as expected.

Troubleshooting common stuff like OneDrive client version, reset the OneDrive client, new user profile, online/offline files etc, gives no change to the error.
Digging further, the office cache folder comes to mind, this is also used by OneDrive.

This can be found here:
%localappdata%\Microsoft\Office\##.#\OfficeFileCache – ##.# depending on your office version.

Terminating OneDrive, clearing this folder, then restart OneDrive – the files open as normal, giving no error to the users.
The cache folder, if deleted/cleared, will regenerate by itself.

So, if this is something you are seeing for some users, consider taking steps to clear this folder automatically.
GPO, batch/powershell script (at logon/logoff) etc, all will work.

Not 100% sure as to why this is happening to some users, but my best guess would be an ungraceful shutdown/logoff of the device/session or similar.

I last saw this with FSLogix Profile Containers in a Citrix deployment.
For FSLogix Profile Containers, you could also add the cache folder as an exclusion on the redirections.xml files to exclude it from the users profile.

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