Citrix: Trouble small mouse pointer after Windows 10 Creators Update

UPDATE: this issue is resolved as of Citrix Receiver 4.10


After Microsoft released Creators Update, several people are reporting some issues with the mouse pointer inside Citrix (Desktop/seamless apps) appears small.
This especially goes for users sitting on endpoints with high resolution monitors. (4K displays, MS Surface etc).
It appears to be connected to changes in Windows DPI scaling, some new changes to the DPI scaling feature came along with Creators Update.
Can read more about that, and about DPI scaling, here.

Now for users the issue shows as the pointer itself is alot smaller than the local mouse pointer. In the case of 4K monitors, this can be hard to work with daily.
This especially goes for Microsoft Office applications, text editors etc, where the pointer sometimes just shows a small dot.

Before one could bypass the issue by setting custom scaling for DPI, to the same on both monitors (if more than 1), aka Windows 8 mode.
This appears not to work as well after Creators Update on Windows 10.

Citrix has acknowledged the issue, and is currently researching the cause and solution for this together with Microsoft.
Info about that in Issue 3 from Citrix KB articlte here.

Users are also discussing the issue, among other things, on Citrix forums here.

Now playing around on my personal computer, which also has this issue, I found a random workaround for this.
Tested on 2 computers after, and with the same results.

The workaround is as random as it is easy. So here goes.
The screenshots are in Norwegian, but I’ll add writing in english as well.

If this works for you, or not, please feel free to give me feedback on this.

Step-by-step guide.


Right click on the local desktop and select «Display Settings»

Høyreklikk på lokalt skrivebord og velg «Skjerminnstillinger.»

Click on «Custom scaling» abit down on the page.

Klikk deretter på valget «Egendefinert skalering» litt ned på siden

Enter «101» in the field on the next page, and click «apply».
You will be asked to log off, click «log off»

Fyll inn «101» i feltet som kommer på neste side, og klikk «Bruk»
Du blir bedt om å logge deg av, klikk på «logg av nå”.

Log on to the computer, repeat step 1.

Logg deg på maskinen, og repeter steg 1.

Back in the windows for display settings (same as in step 2), choose «turn of custom scaling and log off».

I bildet for skjerminnstillinger igjen (samme som steg 2), velg «slå av egendefinert skalering og logg av».

Log back on to the computer, and you can now start something via Citrix.
The mouse pointer should now look about identical, inside Citrix and outside.
The cursor inside Office applications etc, should be normal.

Logg det på maskinen igjen, og du kan nå starte noe via Citrix.
Musepekeren skal nå, inne i Citrix, oppføre seg tilnærmet identisk med musepeker på lokal maskin.
Visning av markør i office applikasjoner etc, skal være normalt tydelig.

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