Citrix Print to ShareFile – Cannot login, browser out of date

sAfter installing the Citrix Print to ShareFile application to create a virtual printer that gives you the option to print files directly to Citrix ShareFile, you may get an error when signing in.

First time after install, the application needs to sign in to your Citrix ShareFile account.
After you give the information about your account and if choosing to sign in with company credentials you get the following message:

And you thereby cannot login and use this application.

To Resolve this, close the Print to ShareFile app, open registry editor and go to the following location:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION]

Depending if you have installed ShareFile Drive mapper or Microsoft Office, you may see the following there already:

Add the following DWORD to the registry:

After adding the it should be in the list like so:

** Can also be added via Group Policy, or other deployment options if you wish to roll this out to multiple affected users.

You can now try to login to the application again, this time it should work as expected.

If you’re having trouble to get to the sign in dialog for the printer, you can force the dialog by:

Open the printer properties in Control panel of your computer, and select Print test page under the General tab

The ShareFile login window pops up, fill inn your information as before:

In my case authentication is redirected to ADFS, and prompts me to enter my E-mail and AD credentials

After sign in the following box pops up, asking you were to save the file you printed to ShareFile – in this case a test page.


Hope this helps anyone faced with the same issue.

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