Citrix Files – «Function not available” when accessing mapped drive

Citrix Content Collaboration with the Citrix Files (Before Citrix ShareFile), app for your device lets you map folders from inside Content Collaboration to specific drive letters on your computer.
This is great for letting users keep the drive letter they are used to, and still getting rid of those old SMB file servers, and gaining other valueadds from Citrix Content Collaboration.

Just yesterday I was out at a customer, getting all their users over to this solution – and all seamed fine.
Today one user had problems contacting the mapped drives inside Content Collaboration, worked as normal for every other user.

Checking his computer, I could find that:

Opening file explorer, should normally look something like this, sharefile mappng with icon, name you have set the mapping to have etc.

On this users computer it looked like this, just with “local disk” an no info on the drive, trying to access the drive you just got an error saying function not available:

Some steps were tried as a default:

  • Reset the Citrix Files app – no help
  • Reinstall the Citrix Files klient, restart, install again – no help

At the restart I noticed a popup from systray just when the Citrix Files app loaded saying “just in time access is available for removable drive”, notification came from HP Device Access Manger.

Uninstalled HP Device Access Manager, restarting the computer, and everything was back to normal.

Hope this helps anyone faced with the same issue.

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