Christmas present for EUC community 2019

As a christmas gift for the EUC community i decided to make available some of the content that have been gathered over the years.
This is stuff that I have had laying around over time, and also content like powershell scripts that I’ve made/or use day to day, that others may find use for.

There is also a big collection of various registry hacks/tweaks etc – those are the ones taking time to upload.
But I feel i have put up enough now before christmas eve comes shooting – need to be a bit social aswell:)

The content will be updated over the near feature with all the stuff i have not had the time to put up yes.
This will be reflected in the available Changelog.

As of today 24.12.2019, the initial release, you can reach the content in the following menu.

I hope you find the content useful.
Should you wish to contribute, don’t be scared about reaching out:)

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