Microsoft Server 2019: No window border/allwhite issue

Been seeing more and more people struggling with this lately when working with Server 2019 or Windows 10 RDS.
The issue shows itself with the default settings for Server 2019, and is caused by the normal 1px border not beein there anymore. And the default color settings is that everything is white, and has shadows under the windows.
This is ok, when you have shadows enabled, as you then can see the difference on the windows, when working with multiple windows overlaying each others.

If you are not sure aboutwhat I am refering to, the issue looks like this:

2 Windows explorer windows overlaying each other. Not very fun, and looks like they are a part of each other.

To fix this, you can either enable shadows under windows – but that is rarely wanted in an RDS scenario – or the other option, is to enable color for title bars etc. This is normaly done here:

But, in a managed environment, we want to control this centrally and automatic. For this case, you can use the following registry keys.
You need to put both values for it to take effect.

Use your preferred tool to deploy these to your users, in my case Citrix WEM is used, but Group Policy with/without GPP or any ather user environment tool should work.

Enable the Border and title bar coloring:
Key path: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM
Value name: ColorPrevalence
Value: 1

Set the wanted Title And Border Color (Use the value of the color you want):
Key path: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM
Value name: AccentColor
Value: d3d3d3

This is previously discussed here, over at the Citrix forum.

The registry keys are also listed under |—-Windows – Personalizationin the fieldnotes\registry hacks area on this website

Hope it helps

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  • One funny fact – the Windows operating system has to be licensed/activated in order to make this change.

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