Why you need Citrix SD-WAN

First of, what is Citrix SD-WAN? The short answer, it’s virtualization of your current WAN network. Normally, you would have an internal network, and a Wide Area Network (internet access), and then depending on the size of your company, you could also have several branch offices with their own network setup. The larger the network, Read more about Why you need Citrix SD-WAN[…]

Citrix NetScaler, some general info

The NetScaler from Citrix, is a networking product with more than just one use case. Personally I´ve not had the pleasure to dive really deep into this yet, so usually just end up with some normal setup for XenDesktop/XenApp use cases, som url rewrite other stuff like that. But I really would like to get Read more about Citrix NetScaler, some general info[…]

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